Miniframe installed in the ALICE cavern

ALICE collaboration

The Miniframe is the metallic structure which supports 'services' ; gas or liquid pipes, electrical cables, optical fibers etc., but also the compensator magnet, the LHC beam pipe, and a few ALICE subdetectors. It sits in front of the detector, between the Low Beta platform and the baby space frame - right behind the doors of the big ALICE solenoidal magnet (previously L3 magnet) when closed. It had been moved to the surface shortly after the beginning of LS2, stripped down to the bare structure, and re-equipped with all the services of 12 tons plus 2.5 tons of support structure. When fully equipped, it will weight a bit less than 40 tons.

In November 2020 the  ALICE Miniframe was lowered in the ALICE experimental area and re-installed in front of the magnet.

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