New issue of ALICE MATTERS - New member on board!

Panos Charitos

Welcome to this issue of “ALICE MATTERS”, the second issue for this summer. First of all I should express many thanks to Polly Bennett who served as journalist and editor for our newsletter and wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

I am Panos Charitos, the new member of the editorial board of our newsletter. Following a long route from Physics to the Media I arrived at CERN as I have always been interested in science communication and particularly on in the ways in which scientific discourse is effectively promoted across various media platforms. Following my bachelor in Physics, I moved to Imperial College where I pursued an MPhil. in Astrophysics studying the formation of massive young stellar objects. After the successful completion of my thesis I decided to change career path and hence I moved to the London School of Economics where I finished my MSc. in Media and Communications. At the same time I was working with electronic media and various publishing houses in publicising science and especially physics. While a first year student at University I became editor of the magazine published by the Physics Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki – named “Phenomenon”. It was a once in a lifetime experience which I hope will be useful in facing the challenges present in my current post. Finally, perhaps I should add that I am currently studying Theology (I pursued a diploma in the University of London and an MA in the Aristotle University where I am also submitting my PhD thesis on issues of cosmopolitanism and otherness in the context of the global ecological crisis).

Panos Charitos and Prof.Leonidas Xanthis on a sunny afternoon at Imperial College London

“ALICE matters” remains the base for the ALICE community where exciting results, news from the collaboration, such as PhDs, prizes or special awards and the daily life of the experiment will be discussed. Our aim is to make our articles and features understood by the general public. We believe that it is important to communicate to people what “ALICE” is about and help them understand the physics and technical advancements that take place in this journey.

I understand your tight time schedules but I think that popularizing science is fan and hence I would like to invite you to send me your ideas and thoughts. Please feel free to contact and further discuss stories or even other activities that you would like ALICE Matters to get involved. In the future we will try to add more videos and visual material to make ALICE MATTERS more a more lively and interactive newsletter. Finally, my special thanks to the contributors of this issue and all to those who kindly replied to my insisting e-mails.

I hope that you will enjoy reading our new issue and the stories that we picked up for you. You can also find more stories and news on "ALICE MATTERS" page on facebook. We hope that you will “LIKE” it and help us to spread the word. More importantly we anticipate your contribution with more ideas and articles. After all it is your research and your thought that matters most for ALICE.

Alice Matters