ALICE Christmas Crossword

Panos Charitos

You can download and print the crossword by clicking here


2. Jet .. as a probe of deconfiment

4. CERN: A surreal Experience

8. Steering the offline group

9. An "exotic" new ALICE member

11. The 540 readout chambers contained in the full TRD are essentially radial drift chambers with conventional wire amplification and cathode pad readout

12. Provides the on–line L0 centrality triggers for ALICE

14. Last week for "Physics"

15. Anew long-range ... structure

18. Measuring momentum distributions, but our aim is to extract the spatial distributions of sources (of the order of a femtometer = 10-15 meters)

20. Always in the front of ALICE

22. Flashed in QM12

23. Measuring ... from the hottest spot in the Universe

24. In love with monitoring

25. dense as lead and as transparent as glass

26. 20 years at CERN

27. New Full Member of ALICE

28. Photons are an important probe in diagnosing the highly excited state of nuclear matter created in heavy-ion collisions and allow access to various stages of the collisions including the initial state


1. Most perfect liquid in the world

3. Each module of the ... consist of 4608 honeycomb gas cells

5. ...based on 1593 multigap resistive plate chambers

6. Located 115 meters away from the interaction point on both sides, exactly along the beam line

7. Listening to the cosmic piano

10. Replacing the wire chambers in the upgrade of the...

12. ITS excellent...capabilities

13. Happy Birthday Mr...

16. New Year's Collisions

17. "However, what is now widely accepted is that the event shape of a heavy-ion collision can be dominantly expressed as an ellipse, characterising what is termed as the second order..."

19. 4 towers of Pb-scintillator

21. Running the VECC

25. Generating events and telling the future...

29. capable of delivering high-precision start signal for TOF detector

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