ALICE 20 Anniversary: An interactive journey through time

Panos Charitos

It has been twenty years since ALICE began its amazing adventure in the world of strong interactions and the study of extraordinary forms of matter. This anniversary is marked by the creation of a timeline that traces the experiment's history from 1993, when the original letter of intent was submitted, to 2013, when the first proton lead run took place.

The timeline tried to accomplish three challenging tasks:

The first task is to emphasize the connection of ALICE to the other heavy ion experiments both at CERN and worldwide. ALICE has adapted successfully to the development of heavy ion physics over the years. Following new scientific findings, several new components have been added to the detector.

In addition, the timeline links the history of ALICE with the theoretical advancements in the field of QCD and the growing understanding of strong interactions. The study of QCD has developed significantly, thanks to modern theoretical approaches and novel techniques for calculations. Experimental results that were presented in various conferences over the years have provided considerable incentive to the design of ALICE.

Finally, the timeline brings the people who contributed to the success of ALICE into the spotlight. It has taken a lot of hard work to build the detectors, develop software for collecting and analyzing the data and ensure the smooth running of the machine. The physicists and engineers who made ALICE possible receive the acknowledgment they deserve.

This threefold aim posed a significant challenge for implementation of the timeline. The present ALICE 20 years anniversary timeline is a media-rich web page that give users the ability to get content as quickly as possible and maintain a seamless navigation*.

Visit the timeline for an exciting journey of discovery!

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