The Papercraft of ALICE


Designed and made by Tiziano Virgili, the papercraft is a good way for children and adults to discover the ALICE experiment.

Why have you created the papercraft?

At the beginning I had created the papercraft for my personal fun. Then I understood that it could be useful for ALICE. To make the detector and the experiment known to a larger public, in an unusual way.

During the Open Days you had an exhibition stand, did it work well ?

During the Open Days it worked very well. A number of copies were sold and many visitors took pictures of it. Also several children joined me to build a copy.

Tiziano Virgili and a visitor building the papercraft

Kids were also very interested in the papercraft

Kids enjoyed

For whom is the papercraft?

Everybody can try to make the papercraft, it is just like a puzzle. Due to some "delicate" operations like cutting the papers with scissors, a minimum age is required. So little kids should be helped by an adult.

Get your scissors!

How long does it take to build it?

The total time of building depends of course on the skills of people. The most time-consuming operation is just the cutting of the pieces, which again depends on your precision, ability, etc. In any case the time will not be less than few days of work.

The ALICE papercraft

The particularity of the papercraft is that it has been made with the real proportions of the experiment. By building this thumbnail version, you can explore a little bit more the fascinating universe of ALICE. Amateurs get your scissors and glue and try to build the real ALICE experiment!

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