Elections for Junior Representatives

The juniors' committee would like to invite all interested juniors (http://aliceinfo.cern.ch/Management/Boards/Juniors/index.html) to put forth their name as a candidate for the position of junior representative for the ALICE Collaboration Board.  Jan-Fiete will be stepping down as one of our three junior representatives at the upcoming ALICE week in March 2014.

All potential candidates should send their names to us by February 19th with an election statement and photo.  We will have a discussion with the potential candidates during the mini-week on February 20th, and the voting will open that day.

In addition, all juniors should confirm that they are members of the juniors' mailing list (alice-juniors@cern.ch) prior to the start of voting, as those who are not on this list will not be able to vote.

The new representative will be elected at the end of the next ALICE week.  For more information on the election see


Thank you,

?Juniors' committee

?Elena Bruna              bruna@to.infn.it

?Rosi Reed                 rosi.jan.reed@cern.ch

?Jochen Thaeder        jochen@thaeder.de

?Michael Weber         m.weber@cern.ch

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