ALICE matters in Quark Matter 2014

The 2014 edition of the Quark Matter conference, the largest meeting within the high-energy heavy-ion field of research and one of the largest in High Energy Physics, was held in Darmstadt from 19th to 24th of May. The ALICE Collaboration presented 32 talks and over 70 posters on results spanning across all the collision systems explored at the LHC. Detailed studies of the properties of the hot and dense partonic matter created in heavy-ion collisions are complemented by new intriguing results from the study of the proton-lead collision system.

Two ALICE-related posters were selected for the flash-talks session that took place during the last day of the conference. Megan Elizabeth Connors discussed the latest results about "Inclusive jet spectra in p-Pb collisions at ALICE" and Igor Lakomov presented the "Centrality dependence of the J/ψ production in p-Pb collisions with ALICE".

“Some of the measurements performed with proton-lead reactions, initially thought of only as a ‘control experiment', do not only provide new insight into the understanding of the initial stages of heavy-ion collisions, but also reveal effects that were not thought of before” – remarks Federico Antinori, ALICE Physics Coordinator.

The proton-lead results, together with a series of new and improved measurements on Pb-Pb and pp collisions, allow for an unprecedented insight into the rich physics at play in extended strongly interacting systems, and certainly will arouse the interest of the over 900 scientists attending the conference.

“Thanks to the new results from the LHC the conference is highly anticipated and will clearly be the focal point for the heavy-ion research this year” – anticipates Paolo Giubellino, the spokesperson of the ALICE collaboration.

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