Inauguration of the new ALICE Run Control Centre

Federico Ronchetti

The new ALICE Run Control Centre was inaugurated on the occasion of the collaboration dinner organized at Point 2 during the recent ALICE week. Eight months of restructuring works have reshaped the internal space arrangement of the working areas and fully refurbished all the services such as air conditioning and networking. Almost one hundred collaborators participating to the ALICE week dinner had the chance to enter the ARC for the first time and to get a live experience of the new environment.

The new ALICE Run Control Centre was inaugurated during the collaboration dinner organized at Point 2.



In fact the ARC is already being used by several detector groups to carry on the first standalone tests since all the ALICE online systems underwent major improvements in terms of hardware and software requiring now a very intense phase of integration and commissioning. At the same time the ARC was recently used to manage one of the LHC dry runs, in which the machine activity is simulated in order to verify that all the interface systems with the experiment do respond correctly.

All the ALICE online systems underwent major improvements and the new ARC is getting ready for the second run of the LHC.





I was personally very happy that our collaborators who signed up for the ALICE dinner could experience the ARC already in an operational phase in addition to appreciating the new ergonomic and neat style. I was also very happy that all the celebration preparation was somewhat kept hidden from me and during a short toast I was "given" as a gift a nice wall handler to hold the beam line technical drawings and that a very stylish and colourful banner with the "Alice Run Control Center" stamp on it appeared from nowhere.




I really would like to thank all my colleagues who have helped me in the design of the ARC - Roberto Divi? , Gilda Scioli and Ombretta Pinazza and those who followed all the construction and installation phases as Arturo Tauro and once again Roberto Divi?. We and the collaboration wanted the ARC so that each of us could contribute to the data taking in the best way, having an efficient and comfortable environment in which for sure we will all spend many hours for the years to come.

The entrance to the new ARC; where the journey of discovery begins.




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