ALICE Football tournament

The winners of the recent ALICE football tournament, organized by Karel Safarik and Anthony Timmins, were the Particle Wanderers. Congratulations go to the captain, Stefan Heckel, and the rest of the team - Harald Appelshaeuser, Mesut Arslandok, Theo Broeker, Taku Gunji, Patrick Reichelt, Marian Ivanov.

Particle Wanderers, winners of the recent ALICE football tournament.


In second place was Team Electron (Jason Kamin (C), Michael Weber, Alexander Kalweit, Karel Safarik, Ivan, Anthony Timmins, Mateusz Ploskon, Constantin Loizides). Third place was Bruno FC (Giuseppe Bruno (C), D.Elia, D. Colella, Marcel Figueredo, Brasilian Colleague, M. Barbagallo), and fourth place was Mexico (Arturo Fernandez-Tellez (C), Heber Zepeda-Fern?ndez, Heriberto Castilla-Valdez, Saswata Das, Raul Iraq Rabadan-Trejo, Mario Rodriguez-Cahuantzi, Luis P?rez-Moreno, Abraham Villatoro-Tello, Shinichi Hayashi).


On behalf of the organizers, thanks to all the players, referees, and spectators who helped make the tournament a great success. We all very much look forward to the next tournament at the Croatian ALICE Physics Week.

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