A special Mexican visit to ALICE

Panos Charitos

On the 26th of September a Mexican delegation formed by Rene Asomoza Palacio (General Director of CINVESTAV), Julia Taguena Parga (Director Adjunto of CONACYT), Carlos Aramburo (Coordinator of Research at UNAM), Juan Eulogio Guerra Liera ( Rector of the University of Sinaloa), Manuel Torres Labansat (Director of IF-UNAM) and finally Miguel Alcubierre (Director of ICN-UNAM) visited CERN.

During their stay they visited the ALICE cavern and discussed with Paolo Giubellino and Yves Schutz about the future participation of Mexican groups in the ALICE Collaboration.

The Mexican delegation in front of the ALICE detector.

The ALICE Mexican group is formed by 35 people coming from four institutions, CINVESTAV, BUAP, UAS, UNAM and represents the most important participation of the country in the LHC project.

Mexico participation in ALICE dates back to 1995 when one of the institutions signed the Technical Proposal. At the time, only CINVESTAV was part of ALICE. Later on the group became responsible for building the Cosmic Ray Detector and the V0A device.

Now Mexico considers the possibility to get involved in the upgrade of ALICE. The group would design, construct and operate one of the two detectors of the Fast Interaction Trigger FIT. Mexico would also contribute to the HV system of the TPC upgrade.

The funding to make it possible is under discussion. Moreover, Mexico considers building a Tier 1 node. This would contribute to the needs in computer processing of the ALICE collaboration.

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