ALICE Thesis Award

Paul Kuijer

Every year the ALICE Thesis Award Committee scrutinizes about a dozen PhD theses, which are nominated by the students, their supervisors, and a senior
researcher from an independent group. The committee grades the theses for relevance to ALICE's goals, achieved results, excellence of work, originality/innovation of the method or measurement, and didactic quality. To be awarded, the thesis has to rate high in all these aspects.

This year, the ALICE Thesis Award Committee presents Deepa Thomas with the ALICE Thesis Award for her thesis "Jet like heavy-flavour particle correlations in proton-proton and lead-lead collisions in ALICE" under the supervision of Prof. Andre Mischke.

The Committee congratulates Deepa for her excellent thesis!

The official award ceremony will take place during the Collaboration Board meeting, on 13 March 2015.

Paul Kuijer

For the ALICE Thesis Award Committee

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