Alexader Deisting

I studied Physics at the University of Bonn, Germany. I did my bachelor thesis and my master's thesis, related to gaseous detectors, in the ILC/CAST group with Professor Desch. During my bachelor thesis I employed a new cluster finding algorithm on data recorded with a time projection chamber prototype, while the topic of my master's thesis was the readout of the induced ion signal on the micro mesh of a small gaseous X-ray detector. As in the course of my studies I greatly enjoyed doing R&D, I decided to continue working on gaseous detectors to gain more knowledge and experience on the subject. Then, I searched for interesting experiments with gaseous detectors, until I eventually applied for a PhD position with the ALICE group at the GSI. 

I have been at CERN for 1.5 years. I work with the ALICE TPC team on the maintenance of the current TPC, as well as on development, QA and production of the readout chambers for the upgraded TPC. Furthermore, I do basic R&D with small detectors to examine the general properties of gaseous detectors, for example ion mobility. 

I recently started taking courses for the different shifts, and did my first training shifts in the ACR. This is an opportunity for me to learn all the different systems before everything gets busier when the beam arrives. Run2 will be particularly interesting, since I never participated in such a large experiment before and for the first time I will experience how ALICE works in the environment it was designed for.

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