ALICE Jet Workshop at Yale

Jets are considered as one of the key tools to probe properties of hot and dense matter created in ultra-relativistic heavy-ion colllisions. After a very successfull  workshop on ideas and possibilities for future jet analyses with ALICE,  which took place at CERN in October 2014:, a second edition of this workshop will take place at Yale University in May 13-15, 2015:

The aim of the workshop is to further ALICE strategies for the LHC Run-2 jet analyses. New jet related observables and enhanced particle identification in jets will be presented, and ongoing data analyses will be discussed in light of LHC Run-2.  The afternoon session on Thursday, May 14,  will be devoted to new developments in theory and phenomenology of jet production. This part of the workshop will be opened to public and will feature talks by E. Shuryak (Stony Brook), A. Majumder (Wayne State University), J. Noronha (Sao Paolo), F. d'Eramo (LBNL), J. Xu (Columbia University), J. Thaler (MIT) and P. Chesler (Harvard University).

Everyone is cordially invited to join the workshop and contribute to discussions either in person or via Vidyo.






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