ALICE delegation at the University of Derby

Iva Raynova

On 2 November 2015 an ALICE delegation, consisting of Paolo Giubellino, Pierre Vande Vyvre, Peter Hristov and Peter Chochula, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Derby, England. It is now an associate member of the collaboration. Due to its expertise in data science, cloud computing and electronic engineering, the College of Engineering and Technology at the University is going to work for the development of the O2 project.

The partnership agreement was signed by ALICE spokesperson Paolo Giubellino, Professor Nick Antonopoulos, Dean of the College of Engineering and Technology, and Hari Punchihewa, Deputy Chief Executive and Finance Director at the University of Derby.

“This is the beginning of a significant strategic partnership that will enable us to showcase and apply the expertise of our staff and students to ground-breaking real-world challenges – commented Paolo Giubellino. – It is the start of a common journey and it is important mainly because the University of Derby has a very specific know-how in technology and in the treatment of large data sets, which is crucial to the ALICE project.”

During their two-day visit at the University, Paolo Giubellino gave a public lecture about the experiment and the activities of the collaboration and Pierre Vande Vyvre gave a presentation regarding the “Instrumentation” for undergraduate and MSc students. The ALICE delegates also had the chance to meet the academic staff and they were given tours of the IT and Computing and Mathematics facilities. In addition, students from three Derby high schools attended an interactive session at the University with the visitors from ALICE.

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