Underground visits in ALICE

Iva Raynova

The year-end technical stop (YETS) is not only the time for physicists to change and repair different parts and detectors in ALICE, but it is also the time when people have the chance to go underground and to see the beauty of the experiment. The visitors usually range from friends, family and colleagues of ALICE members, to students, press and VIPs.

Sometimes we welcome big groups of around 50 to 70 students. Because of safety issues, only 14 people can go underground at a time. While waiting, the rest of the group enjoys the ALICE exhibition on the surface. Soon they will also have the chance to find out more about ALICE through the Magic Window. This is a project to turn one of the big windows of the ALICE Run Control Centre into a touchscreen with the help of a polarisation filter and a projector.

Below, you can see some of the photographs which our visitors sent us.

The CERN volleyball club also visited ALICE:

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