A delegation of ANAS visits ALICE

Last 27 February ALICE hosted a delegation from the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS). The representatives - President of ANAS Prof A Ali Zada, Deputy President Prof I Guliyev, Director of the Institute of Physics of ANAS Prof N Mammadov, and Deputy Director Prof A Rustamov – visited CERN and met its management to discuss several strategies for boosting the scientific cooperation between CERN and ANAS.

After a tour of the CMS experiment, the delegation visited the control room and the underground facility of ALICE, accompanied by Spokesperson F Antinori, Deputy Spokesperson T Nayak and Physics Coordinator M Van Leeuwen.

Here they were informed about the ALICE experimental programme and future plans both for physics and hardware developments. In particular, participation of ANAS in the development of the detectors, computing infrastructure and analysis of the experimental data were discussed.

The Republic of Azerbaijan is a full member of the ALICE Collaboration and scientists from the Baku-ALICE group significantly contribute to the analysis of the experimental data and their presentation at international conferences.

In 2015, in turn, a delegation of ALICE representatives visited the Republic of Azerbaijan and met scientists from the National Nuclear Research Centre (NNRC) and from ANAS within the frame of a recently established collaboration between the two institutions and the ALICE experiment.

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