June Journal Club: QCD saturation at the LHC

On June 23, from 3 to 4.30 pm, Prithwish Tribedy of the Brookhaven National Laboratory (US) and the Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre (India) will talk about ‘QCD saturation at the LHC and the initial stages of colliding hadrons and nuclei'.


Collisions of hadrons and nuclei at the LHC provide unprecedented access to the rich dynamics of strong interaction at high energies. Such collisions can probe the regime where the non-linear dynamics of QCD bring stability to the matter inside the colliding hadrons or nuclei though the phenomenon of gluon saturation. The Color Glass Condensate (CGC) effective theory of QCD provides a first principles approach to describe such saturated gluon dominated colliding objects. In this talk, I will discuss how such approach can help us understand some recent puzzling experimental observations at the LHC, particularly in the collisions of small systems such as p+p and p+Pb.

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