Discussing Initial Stages in Cracow

The 4th Annual Conference on the Initial Stages in High-Energy Nuclear Collisions (IS2017) is taking place this week at the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences in Cracow, Poland. The conference focuses on the initial stages of heavy-ion collisions and the aspects of the structure of the proton and nucleus that are important for the study of them. The ALICE collaboration will present new results, covering a variety of topics, in 3 talks in plenary sessions and 9 in parallel ones, distributed along the entire week. New measurements of flow of open and hidden charm in proton-lead collisions will be discussed, which suggest that initial state geometry is reflected in final state anisotropies, much like in heavy ion collisions. Recent results about the dependence of particle production in proton-proton collisions on charged particle multiplicity and on the so-called spherocity give insight into particle production mechanisms, such as multiple parton interactions and colour reconnection effects. Finally, results on heavy flavour production and flow in lead-lead collisions will be shown, as well as recently published measurements of flow correlations that distinguish the effects of initial density distributions from those of the viscosity in the Quark Gluon Plasma.

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