Recent Awards to Senior ALICE Members

A few members of the ALICE Collaboration have been recently conferred important awards in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the heavy-ion physics field. 

Johanna Stachel and Peter Braun-Munzinger

Johanna Stachel, from Heidelberg University, und Peter Braun-Munzinger, GSI Darmstadt, have been awarded the German Physical Society's Stern-Gerlach Medal 2019, “in recognition of their leadership in the development and establishment of experimental techniques and their outstanding contributions to the interpretation of heavy ion collisions and the understanding of the phase structure of matter under extreme conditions”. 

Named after Otto Stern and Walther Gerlach, the two German physicists who demonstrated the quantisation of the spin, the Stern-Gerlach Medal is the most prestigious German award for experimental physicists, across all fields of physics and is awarded annually since 1993.

Here is the announcement on the German Physical Society (DPG) website:


Barbara V. Jacak

Barbara V. Jacak, from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and University of California, Berkeley, has been awarded the American Physical Society's Tom Bonner Prize, “for her leadership in the discovery and characterization of the quark-gluon plasma, in particular for her contributions to the PHENIX experiment and its explorations of jets as probes."

This prize, endowed in 1964 as a memorial to Tom W. Bonner by his friends, students and associates, is conferred by the American Physical Society (APS) to recognise and encourage outstanding experimental research in nuclear physics.

Here is the announcement of the APS website:

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