November 2017

Debasish Das
On the occasion of the recent publication of a review of QCD, quark gluon plasma, heavy quark hybrids, a
Virginia Greco
The High-School Student Internship Programme (HSSIP) has been launched by CERN in May 2017.
Ramona Lea
Ramona Lea, of the University and INFN of Trieste (Italy), has recently given a seminat at CERN on the s
Yiota Foka and Grigori Feofilov
A scientific workshop on the application of ion physics to cancer therapy, space research and materi
Virginia Greco
Alexander is a PhD student at GSI and a member of the ALICE TPC upgrade group.
Virginia Greco
On the occasion of his 80th birthday, we talked with Guy Pai?, a brilliant physicist and
Virginia Greco and Grazia Luparello
The latest news from point 2.
In the last months, a number of young members of the ALICE collaboration received their PhD degree.