August 2015

Aleksandar Rusinov
Being a summer student in CERN is an invaluable experience.
Mike Sas and Daan Leermakers.
Early June, summer has started.
Panos Charitos
Thirteen years after receiving the observer status, India's central government has given the green signal for India's
Earlier in August, the ALICE thesis award committee circulated a call for submitting proposals for this year's award.
Roman Lavicka
When I recieved an email from CERN HR department in the beginning of April starting with the word "Congratulations",
David Evans
The ALICE Trigger system has to handle the very different environments of both proton-proton and lead-lead collisions
Panos Charitos
The world particle-physics community has convened in Vienna for the 2015 European Physical Society Conference on High
Panos Charitos
Earlier in August, ALICE experiment published a precise measurement of the difference between ratios of the mass and