April 2015

Catarina Espirito Santo
After the Higgs, how to best communicate LHC as a discovery machine?
Up to roughly 6 months ago, my experience in the ALICE collaboration and more broadly in the physics community was en
Panos Charitos
In the past two months, five ALICE doctoral students successfully completed their PhD theses.
Long Shutdown 1 officially came to an end on 5 April 2015, when a beam of protons circulated the LHC for the first ti
Jaroslav Biel??k, Czech Technical University in Prague
For the last four years, high-school students from Czech Republic participated in the ALICE exercise during the Inter
Panos Charitos
­On 20 November 2014, CERN launched the Open Data Portal, making data from real collision events at the LH
Panos Charitos
In March 2015, Benjamin Hess and Hans Beck were elected Junior Representatives, succeeding Chiara Bianchin and Jochen