February 2015

"Jets are collimated sprays of particles." This ubiquitous characterization used in many articles in the field
Panos Charitos
After a two-year upgrade to nearly double the power of the machine, LHC is ready to restart. 
Panos Charitos
On Friday, 5 December, NASA's new Orion spaceship, a capsule built to take humans farther into space than ever before
Each year in spring, research institutes and universities around the world invite
Paul Kuijer
Every year the ALICE Thesis Award Committee scrutinizes about a dozen PhD theses, which are nominated by the students
Panos Charitos
INFN is organizing a monthly competition for the young fans of science.
Werner Riegler, ALICE Experiment Technical Coordinator
Following a busy year, ALICE is now almost ready for the next run, as the teams make finishing touches before turning