December 2014

Paolo Giubellino
Dear Fr
Ken Oyama
During the last ALICE week in Croatia, the ALICE collaboration board approved the "Nagasaki Institute of Applied Scie
Chilo Garabatos Cuadrado
The expected lead-lead collision rate in the LHC Run 3 (2019 onwards) is 50 kHz.
Panos Charitos
It has been a busy summer for the teams preparing the restart of the SPS complex.
Joseph Rasson ?
Installation of the DCal, the second component of the ALICE Di-Jet calorimeter detector, was completed in late Octobe
Hyeonjoong Cho
Recently, the Department of CIS (Computer and Information Science) at KU (Korea University) became an associate membe
The electric charge of lead ions, when accelerated to ultra-relativistic velocities, is the source of an intense flux
Katarina Anthony
SPS up and running... LHC almost cold... CCC Operators back at their desks...
Katarina Anthony
Earlier in November, proton beams came knocking on the 
Antonella Del Rosso
Twenty-nine fully equipped and ergonomic workstations, one meeting area and 11 large format screens in a completely r