July 2014

Grigory Feofilov
“You are a great amplification factor, you hold the future of science in your hands” – these were the words of g
The winners of the recent ALICE football tournament, organized by Karel Safarik and Anthony Timmins, were the Pa
Speaking at press conference held during the 37th International Conference on High Energy PhysicsExternal Links
Panos Charitos
The ALICE ITS Upgrade and O2 Asian Workshop took place in Krabi, Thailand, between 16 and 18 June 2014.
Federico Ronchetti
The new ALICE Run Control Centre was inaugurated on the occasion of the collaboration dinner organized at Point
Panos Charitos
On July 1 in Leiden, the Secretary of Education Sander Dekker and the Chairman of the Dutch Organization for Sci
Michael Weber
The second edition of the ALICE Analysis Tutorial was held during the July ALICE week at CERN.
ESOF is an iniatitive of Euroscience that was launched in Stockholm in 2004 and has grown up to one of the large