March 2014

During the last month, ALICE has published a wealth of scientific results deepening our understanding of the Quark Gl
The second Asia-Europe-Pacific School of High-Energy Physics, AEPSHEP2014, to be held in Puri, India, 4-17 Novem
Panos Charitos
The FCC Kick-off meeting took place in Geneva earlier in February as a response to one of the directions emphasized b
Panos Charitos
The ALICE collaboration has for the seventh time given awards to two of its doctoral students for their outstand
Panos Charitos
Constantino Tsallis introduced what is presently known as Tsallis entropy and Tsallis statistics, also known as
Kevin Coulombe
There are many fascinating and wondrous experiments and technology at CERN, some of which have literally redefin
Panos Charitos
Last month, a special delegate from Synchrotron Light Research Institute (Public Organization), SLRI, Thailand v
Panos Charitos
D+100 is an important milestone for anyone who has been through a stem cell transplant, because the first three
Lukasz Graczykowski & Malgorzata Janik
A delegation from the ALICE experiment visited the Warsaw University of Technology (WUT) on 11 March 2014; Paolo
Joakim Nystrand and Daniel Tapia Takaki
The CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has worked fantastically well in the past few years, going beyond all expec
Tapan Nayak
The ALICE-India Collaboration Meeting was hosted in VECC, Kolkata during 12-14 January 2014.
Panos Charitos
Last month a team of physicists and electronic engineers who are currently working on the development of the SAM
Premomoy Ghosh and Tapan Nayak
On December 21 2013, Sabrakone, a sleepy remote village near Bishnupur in Bankura district of West Bengal, India, woke u
Panos Charitos
In the past few years, ALICE has published a wealth of scientific results deepening our understanding of the Qua
Despina Hatzifotiadou
During a period of four weeks every year (from 12.3 until 12.4 for 2014), more than 10 000 high school students
Cvetan Valeriev Cheshkov
In September 2012, the LHC provided proton–lead (pPb) collisions for the first time, two years after its heavy-i
As part of a general effort to improve the effectiveness of our collaboration, the Management Board has discusse
Panos Charitos
"Art is not merely an imitation of nature. Art is about creation.
In 1964, two physicists independently proposed the existence of the subatomic particles known as quarks.