June 2013

Tapan Nayak
On 28 April 2013, in a specially organized ceremony during the India-ALICE meeting, four Indian institutes signed Mem
EMCal-DCal Projects
The Di-jet calorimeter arm (DCal) is currently being integrated within ALICE.
Panos Charitos
Kay Quattrocchi is an artist passioned about the Universe and inspired by the latest discoveries unveiling some o
Lucile Hervet
The "Passeport Big Bang" is a new way to visit and learn a bit more about CERN and each experiment.
Panos Charitos
After some 5 years of writing, Jan Rak from the University of Jyvaskyla and Mike Tannenbaum from Brookhaven National
Min Jung Kweon & Panos Charitos
During the ALICE Collaboration Board in March a new institute was admitted to ALICE: Inha University, Korea.
Tapan Nayak
Indian institutes in ALICE held their collaboration meeting during 27-28 April 2013 at IIT-Bombay, Mumbai.
Premomoy Ghosh
The Physics of heavy flavour has been at the frontier of the physics topics at the LHC energies.
Despina Hatzifotiadou
Two classes of the "Lyc?e Jules Viette" from Montb?liard visited ALICE, on the 10 May 2013.
Angelos Alexopoulos & Panos Charitos
Comics and cartoons have been used to communicate scientific ideas since the 19th century.
Quadrupole magnets help to focus the particles into a tight beam so they are more likely to collide in greater num
Predrag Buncic, Thorsten Kollegger & Pierre Vande Vyvre for the O2 collaboration and Panos Charitos
The ALICE experiment has originally been designed as a relatively low-rate experiment.