May 2013

Panos Charitos
On the 5th and 6th of April the EAST ASIA – ITS upgrade workshop was held in Incheon, Korea, in order to discuss the
Panos Charitos
The 7th CERN – Latin America High Energy Physics School (CLASHEP) was hosted this year by PUCP in Arequipa, Peru, fro
Renato Angelo Ricci
Suddenly, so much unexpected as disconcerting, the sad news came to us at the Legnaro Laboratory and immediately afte
Panos Charitos
ALICE MATTERS is introducing a new column, entitled "Career steps with ALICE" that will host the profiles of
Yuri Kharlov
 The Photon Spectrometer PHOS is a high-resolution photon detector; its primary aim is to measure photon radiation fr
Panos Charitos
A.M How did you start your career at CERN? When did you first come to CERN?
Panos Charitos
The ALICE Collaboration Board decided that PhD students who have started working with ALICE after January 1st 2012 sh
Rosario Nania
The annual INFN meeting "Incontri di Fisica di Alta Energia", IFAE 2013, was held in Cagliari from 3 to 5 April 2013.
Panos Charitos
Congratulations to Eugenio Nappi who has recently been elected co-Editor in Chief of EPJ Plus (the European Physical
Werner Riegler
After more than three years of highly successful operation, the ALICE detector is about to undergo a major programme
Sun Kun OH
Konkuk University is located in Seoul. It is surrounded by one of the liveliest districts of the megacity.