April 2013

Fernando Baltasar Dos Santos Pedrosa
Following the LHC shutdown there is an ever increasing number of requests for visits of the ALICE cavern.
As an Italian, Cinzia gushes like a ray of sun.
Panos Charitos
During the recent Collaboration Board, the Editorial Board of ALICE presented a number of interesting findings
Panos Charitos
The three new ALICE junior representatives, Chiara Bianchin, Jan Fiete Grosse-Oetringhaus and Jochen Klein atten
Panos Charitos
Twenty years ago ALICE started its amazing adventure in the wonderland of strong interactions and the study of e
Panos Charitos
This years' ALICE Thesis Awards were announced during the recent Collaboration Board during an official ceremony
Jean Cleymans
The Tsallis distribution was introduced in 1988 by Constantino Tsallis as a generalization of the Boltzmann-Gib