March 2013

Panos Charitos
20 years ago ALICE started its amazing adventure in the wonderland of strong interactions and the study of extra
Panos Charitos
Guy Paic has participated and shaped the program of higher energies heavy-ion physics from the very beginning t
Panos Charitos
An interview with Emanuele Quercigh, CERN physicist who played a leading role in heavy-ion experiments at CERN.
Rosario Nania
"Imparare Sperimentando" is an exhibition in Pordenone (Italy) on scientific matters.
Francois Piuz
For some time, our section was working on pad-MWPC associated with fast RICH, promoting Cesium Iodide photocath
Hans de Groot
Introduction I joined the ALICE Collaboration in autumn 1995.
Hans H.Gutbrod
In 1982 a MoU was signed by GSI, Darmstadt, CERN and LBL Berkeley to get heavy ions to CERN: GSI promised to bri
Lucile Hervet
For the third consecutive year, the apprentice researchers will have a lot on their plate… discover the objects
This article is based on excerpts from an article written by J. Schukraft and C. Fabjan.
C.W Fabjan
It started in the CERN cafeteria in December 2000 shortly before Christmas, where I ran into my friend and fo