December 2012

Panos Charitos & Chinorat Kobdaj
A long awaited day for SUT finally came.
Panos Charitos
A.M How did you choose the field of high energy physics? 
Raimond Snellings
Just before the end of this year the ALICE paper on “Elliptic flow of charged particles in Pb-Pb collisions at 2
Rosi Reed & Megan Connors
The 5th Hot Quarks conference was held from October 14-20 in Copamarina, Puerto Rico.
Kenneth Read
+1 for Hot Physics at the LHC.
Barbara Erazmus & Jurgen Schukraft
Daniel Tapia Takaki & Arturo Fernandez Tellez
The ALICE Physics week in Puebla was held at Benem?rita Universidad A
Cvetan Valeriev Cheshkov
The pilot p-Pb run that took place in September was a success. It showed that the LHC is ready for providing us
Barbara Erazmus & Helmut Oeschler
The ALICE publications rules have been revised as a part of the ALICE Constitution.
Panos Charitos
Following the recent endorsement of the ITS upgrade plans from the LHC Committee, as part of the broader ALICE U
Panos Charitos
Adam Szczepankiewicz is a PhD student in computer science in the Warsaw University of Technology.
Panos Charitos
Suranaree University of Technology has recently been accepted as full member of the ALICE collaboration.
Panos Charitos
ALICE MATTERS interviewed Jacobus van Hoorne from Austria who is currently working on the evaluation of mo
Panos Charitos
ALICE MATTERS interview Ping Yang, a young PhD student from Central China Normal University (CCNU) who has re
Panos Charitos
Costanza obtained her PhD in electronic engineering from the University of Florence.
Corrado Gargiulo
The fourth working group of the ITS upgrade brings together a diverse mix of physicists, engineers, technicians.
Petra Riedler
The 3rd working Group (WG3) is responsible for studying and developing new detector technologies, designin
Giuseppe Bruno
The mandate of the working group 2 “Detector Specifications and Performance Studies” was to define the detector
Andrea Dainese & Gianluca Usai
The main physics motivation for the upgrade of the Inner Tracking System of the ALICE experiment is to perform n
Vito Manzari
A key characteristic of heavy-ion collisions at the LHC energy is the high number of particles produced per even