November 2012

Rongrong Ma, Andreas Morsch, Xiaoming Zhang, Daicui Zhou
The 8th International Workshop on High pT Physics at LHC was held in Wuhan, China on October 2
In-Kwon Yoo (Conference Chair of ATHIC2012) Pusan National University
Postdoc position at Houston The relativistic heavy-ion group at the University of Houston invi
Catherine Decosse & Julie Hadre
Panos Charitos
Kim Beomkyu is a PhD student at the Yonsei University in South Korea working on the multiplicity density
Tapan Nayak
In November's issue of Science Reporter, one of the most popular scientific magazines in India, the c
Julie Hadre
Christmas is coming and perhaps you are running out of ideas about your gifts!
Andreas Morsch
The 8th International Workshop on High pT Physics at LHC was held in Wuhan, China on October 20-24, 2
Dagmar Adamova, NPI ASCR Rez/Prague
20 years ago, in 1992, the Czech Republic became one of the member states of CERN.
Carnita Hervet , Ulla Tihinen
Sl?vka Jadlovsk?
In October 2012, the Technical University of Ko?ice was accepted as associate member of the ALICE experiment
Kenneth Read
CERN understands the great importance of science outreach. It's part of CERN's mission.
Laura Fabbietti and Bernhard Ketzer
Hello, we are Laura and Bernhard!
Panos Charitos
Armenuhi Abramyan, member of ANSL/ALICE team and Master student at State Engineering University of Armenia
Panos Charitos & Sergio Guinez-Molinos
The University of Talca and CERN will conduct a workshop for students, professionals and academics that w
Antonella del Rosso
ALICE is planning a series of upgrades during the long shutdowns of the accelerator in the coming years.
In discussion with ALICE MATTERS • The idea of ALICE Juniors' day.
Christian Lippmann
Part C: Cherenkov Ring Imaging and Calorimetry In the first part of this article we had introd
Panos Charitos & Chinorat Kobdaj
During the recent ALICE week, 8- 12 October 2012, the Suranaree University of Technology (SUT) became a
Ayben Karasu Uysal
I started working with ALICE as a Ph.D. student at Yildiz Technical University.