March 2012

Polly Bennett
The ALICE Masterclasses took place on March 22nd as part of the ‘ International Masterclasses: Hands on Particle Phys
Polly Bennett
In the upcoming ALICE Physics Week, one afternoon session will be dedicated to a trial brainstorm of unexplored physi
Polly Bennett
After about 3 minutes the space age music and luminous, swirling patterns on screen will put you into a kind of swayi
Polly Bennett
Standing like sentinels at the doors of CERN's library are rows and rows of red filing cabinets.
Antonio Ortiz Velasquez
New Lund University postdoc Antonio talks to ALICE Matters about li
Polly Bennett
22 schoolchildren from Ecoles des Grand Ch?nes, Prevessin visited ALICE last week as part of CERN's local communicati
Polly Bennett
In December, 53 students from the Faculty of Industrial Chemistry at the University of Bologna, Italy, visited CERN f
Taku Gunji
Two officers, Ms. T. Iwaoka and Ms. A.
Ladislav Sandor
My origins lie in Eastern Slovakia.
Rainer Schicker
Each year the International Particle Physics Outreah Group (IPPOG) organises a student Masterclass programme with
Chinorat Kobdaj
Delegates from the Suranaree University of Technology (SUT), Thailand, Dr. Prasart Suebka (SUT Rector), Dr.
Polly Bennett
During the winter shutdown, from December 9th 2011 to March 14th 2012, ALICE hosted approximately 1500 visitors in ov
Polly Bennett
Despite being tired and already on her second coffee of the day Leticia is bright and cheerful when we meet at R1.
James Ross
Or Reminisces of One Who Does Not Speak Italian
Johannes Wessels
‘I have to go to Chamonix.' What a statement to make.
Polly Bennett
In preparation for an exhibition about the LHC, members of the Science Museum, London, visited CERN last week to revi
Polly Bennett
The innovative effort to fix the cooling problem of ALICE's Silicon Pixel Detector (SPD) has been successful.