February 2012

Bjorn Nilsen
After his return to the US Bjorn Nilsen finds another outlet for his jet lag...
Polly Bennett
What a delight to open the door to someone so young and full of energy.
Polly Bennett & James Ross
Raghunath Sahoo
The Indian Institute of Technology, Indore (IITI) is one of 15 such teaching cum
Polly Bennett
With camera and tripod poised delicately in front of him, Antonio Saba is set up on the visitor platform overlooking
Polly Bennett
On the frighteningly cold and snowy morning of February 4th, 22 hopeful young scientists gathered at CERN's Globe of
Polly Bennett
Spending just half an hour with Lipy is not enough to discover much about her life. She is quiet and very reserved.
James Ross
Through metal doors and iris scans lies high technology
Roy Lemmon
During the ALICE Collaboration Board in January a new institute was admitted to ALICE: STFC Daresbury Laboratory,
Amy Dusto
Scientists on the ALICE experiment just completed the installation of a crucial component for tracking high-energy pa
Polly Bennett
It takes just 30kg of the liquid perfluorobutane (C4F10) to cool ALICE's Silicon Pixel Detector
Polly Bennett
A group from The Vatican, members of the Committee for the Cultural Project of the Italian Episcopal Conference, visi