November 2011

Ermanno Vercelli
Our colleague Anna Piccotti passed away on November 15th as a result of a car accident she suffered a few days before
Pasquale Di Nezza
The data taking currently taking place, using the heavy ion (lead-lead) collisions, lasts for a month (until 8th Dece
Professor Guy Paic has received the “Juchim?n de Plata” Award 2010 (Silver Juchiman Award *) for the fiel
Polly Bennett
Cuba. Most people's minds will jump to the 1959 revolution, Guantanamo Bay or the US embargo.
Polly Bennett
The new CERN Service Desk calls for greater usage in its plan to centralise and simplify the way incidents (e.g.
Catherine Decosse
“LHC” by Peter Ginter, one of the world's best photographers, author Franzobel, and Rolf Dieter Heuer, Director Gener
Paul Kuijer & Marco van Leeuwen
Last week the Hadron Collider Physics Symposium 2011 was held in Paris.
Catherine Decosse & Julie Hadre
Over the summer, upon request of our spokesperson, we started to work on branding and visual identity for the experim
Polly Bennett
Since 2008 two awards are given once a year for the most outstanding PhD thesis by members of the ALICE Collaboration
Catherine Decosse
The latest ALICE Collaboration Board meeting was held on Friday 18th November.
Amy Dusto
On Monday November 14th the LHC begins heavy ion physics, the process of colliding lead ions, to learn about condi
ALICE's Yves Schutz talks about the importance of lead collisions in the ALICE experiment on this week's What's New @
Polly Bennett
This issue ALICE Matters talks to our new secretary
Katarina Anthony-Kittelsen
In the early hours of Sunday 6 November 2011, the LHC provided the first lead ion collisions of the year.
The proton-lead trial at the beginning of the month has captured the attention of
Polly Bennett
A meeting of IPPOG, the International Particle Physics Outreach Group, was held at CERN on Friday and Saturday last w