October 2011

Polly Bennett
At some point north of Dijon the strained groaning from my little Ford Ka suggested I might not make the journey here
In November's CERN Courier find out how the ALICE Time Of Flight, based on Multigap Resistive Plate Chambers technolo
Polly Bennett
“I like being the centre of attention.” James laughs as he gets up to give me a demonstration of East Coast Swing.
Amy Dusto
Superman may have superpowers, but Batman has the ingenuity to be just as heroic with the help of gadgets and technol
Federico Ronchetti
The ALICE experiment is dedicated to heavy-ion physics.
Polly Bennett
Autumn heralds some major events for ALICE.
Thorsten Kolleger
The ALICE detectors can read out data at much higher rate than what can be handled by the data acquisition and storag
Katarina Anthony-Kittelsen
On 1 October, ALICE had the chance to host Her Excellency, Mrs.
Sparsh Navin
My journey into particle physics – it started way back when I was still an undergraduate at Warwick university.
Werner Riegler
CERN and ALICE featured prominently recently, at a renowned arts event in Austria.
John Harris
The Undersecretary for Science for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Dr.