June 2011

Andrea Dainese
The ALICE experiment has measured the production of the charmed mesons D0 and D+ in Pb-Pb colli
Ian Randall
ALICE physicist Luisa Cifarelli has become the first female president of the
Tapan Nayak
The first ALICE Centre was inaugurated at the
Ian Randall
This fortnight, ALICE Matters spoke with Pierre Zelnicek, a computer scientist who hails from Leipzig, who works
"The first run with colliding beams of lead ions in the LHC has already provided the ALICE experiment with a tast
The 2011 France-Asia Particle Physics School will be held on 9-21 October 2011 at the Ecole de physique des Houches.
Gerardo Herrera Corral
Detector constructionThe VZERO (V0) system
The next PDF4LHC meeting will be held on 4 July 2011 at DESY's Lecture Hall on the Hamburg site.
The ALICE Physics week of 29 August to 2 September will be held in Jyvaskyla, Finland.
A postdoctoral position in high-energy heavy-ion experimental physics is available at the University of Jyv?skyl?
Julie Hadre
Since 2 May, CERN's Restaurant No.
Ian Randall
ALICE member Johanna Stachel has been nominated president-elect of the
Despina Hatzifotiadou
Quark Matter 2011 took place in Annecy in May in a lively atmosphere and beautiful surroundings.
Ian Randall
This issue, ALICE Matters met with Anna Widmann – an international business intern from Germany who is working on